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7 Hills Tour                                                         Price: 45€  -  03H00

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The popular and romantic legend says that the city of Lisbon was founded, just like Rome, in a village surrounded by seven hills. Do you want to visit them all? Do you want to discover beautiful sights and landscapes and have the opportunity to take amazing and colourful pictures? Then this is for you! We have brand new e-bikes in different sizes and free store luggage.

Tour description:
Prepare for adventure, customise your e-bike and explore the city with a local and friendly guide. This is the best cycling experience in town: challenging, interesting and fun, in a three hour up and down tour.
We take you on a complete journey through Lisbon historical places. Get to know the events that took place at the Praça do Comércio, discover the Old Town Alfama and its narrow labyrinthine streets.
Go uphill till the highest point in town, ride around the National Pantheon, through the flea market and over the tracks of the famous 28th tram. Be amazed with the incredible colourful sights over the São Vicente monastery, the São Jorge castle and the Tagus River.
Admire the traditional Calçada Portuguesa and the splendid buildings at Liberdade Avenue. Go all the way up to the amazing sightseeing view from Parque Eduardo VII garden. Watch an Eiffel pupil lift (Santa Justa) with more than 100 years, just next to Rossio square. Walk in to the hidden cultural house of Alentejo. Take a peek at the performers in Carmo street and the delicious conventual sweets stores in Chiado.
Finally, when you think your eyes couldn’t contemplate more beautiful landscapes, we get to S. Pedro de Alcântara and Santa Catarina viewpoints for an outstanding “finale”.
Our fun and professional guides will be happy to give you recommendations for your holidays as well as those useful tips about the best places that only locals know.
This tour option is good for corporate events, families and groups of friends.
We have high quality baby and child rear seat options. No additional cost. 

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Hen Party Gourmet Tour (Girls Party Only)         Price: 55€  -  02H30

EBike Hen Party Gourmet Tour

Let's make the bride happy and experience a fun e-bike tour with a taste of the traditional Portuguese food. Discover the city with your friends, have a light lunch and try a "Porto" wine at the end. Just perfect!

Tour description:
It is a 2H30 hour tour through Lisbon's fantastic sights. We'll stop a couple of times to have a taste of some of the most traditional Portuguese food culture. The delicious worldwide famous custard tarts (Pastel de Nata), the cod fish cakes, the Portuguese soup and other tasty treats. On arrival, enjoy a glass of Porto Wine or the Ginjinha sweet liqueur. All included.
Make sure you ask our guides for the best nightlife spots and where to go later on. They will be happy to give you recommendations for your interests as well as those useful tips about the best places that only locals know.
For a bigger group, we suggest a Combo Tour: it means that half of the group starts on electric bikes, half on Segways, and on the way back, you all swap. Everybody tries both machines and everybody rides together in an outstanding and tasty experience.

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Belém Tour                                                             Price: 45€  -  03H00

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Brand new e-bikes, great colourful atmosphere and very nice guides. We will ride along the Tagus River Estuary in a flat and easy cycle path route. Get to know some of the most important monuments regarding the Portuguese ocean expeditions, try the famous custard tarts (Pastel de Belém) and have a real fun cycling experience.

Tour description:
It is a three hour tour, which combines a relaxed cycling along the flat river side route with interesting tales from Portugal’s history and references to both ancient and modern architectural sites.
Starting from our office, we go around the Cais do Sodré Central Station, heading to the 25 of April bridge and then to the iconic Belem Tower. It’s really pretty and you’ll have a really good time. Find excellent spots for bright and sunny pictures. Discover the Marina and the bridges underneath sight perspectives.
Get to know the historical background and the characters that participate in the journeys towards India, Africa and America. Discover how the Portuguese built their overseas empire in the XV and XVI centuries.
You will see some of the most important monuments from different periods. The Cristo Rei giant statue, the MAAT, Electricity and Carriage museums, the Discoveries monument and the Geronimo’s Monastery. All this align in our tour.
Don’t forget to taste the most famous custard tarts, the Pastel de Belém, at the genuine and original bakery.
Our fun and professional guides will be happy to give you recommendations for your holidays as well as those useful tips about the best places that only locals know.
This tour option is good for corporate events, families and groups of friends.
It’s also a very recommendable tour for children or e-bike beginner cyclists.
We have high quality baby and child rear seat options. No additional charge.

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Nations Park Tour  (Expo 98)                                Price: 45€  -  03H00

Nations Park Bike Tours image select

What’s going on at the eastern part of Lisbon? Discover both ancient and new city areas, along the upstream river side, till where the famous Expo ‘98 took place. It’s a long 25km ride where you cycle more than you talk, but still an incredible, flat and comfortable e-bike journey. See the impressive modern architecture at the Nations Park, feel the breeze through the beautiful riverside gardens and be amazed with the huge Vasco da Gama Bridge, we also visit the tiles museum. Inside of maybe the most beautiful church in Lisbon, Madre de Deus Convent.

Tour description:
If you like cycling more than visiting monuments and you want to get out of the touristic mainstream sites, this is the right tour. Cycling in Lisbon isn’t just climbing hills, visiting churches and eating delicious custard tarts.
Prepare for adventure, customise your e-bike and explore this part of the city with a local and friendly guide. Get to know the events that took place at the Praça do Comércio, ride next to the cruise ship harbour and see the Santa Apolónia train station, just beneath Alfama neighbourhood.
Discover the impressive Tiles Museum at the Madre de Deus Convent, before entering the modern city area rebuilt for the 1998 Expo event. It became a cultural, glamorous and beautiful place to live and visit. Enjoy the architecture as we go around the magnificent buildings and pavilions and the relaxed gardens and squares. See the Lisbon’s Casino, the Shopping twin towers, the Concert Hall and the Oceanarium.
The great Vasco da Gama Bridge is the turning point of our tour. It’s time to go back and find other excellent spots for bright and sunny pictures along the river side. Sometimes we can see the flamingo birds from here.
If you are travelling with children, it’s possible to adjust the schedule so you can have time to visit the interesting Knowledge Museum (Pavilhão do Conhecimento). Your kids will love it!
Our fun and professional guides will be happy to give you recommendations for your holidays as well as those useful tips about the best places that only locals know.
It’s also a very recommendable tour for families with children or e-bike beginner cyclists.

We have high quality baby and child rear seat options. No additional cost.

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Vip Tour                                               Price: 75€     Duration: 03H00

vip tour electric bike tour lisbon listimage

This is a private tour and an “à la Carte” service with our best guide and our top e-Bikes. It’s a remarkable experience where we provide the finest options for your desires and requests.

Tour description:
This tour is for all the people who wants the best.
Usually, we cover the 7 Hills, around Old Town and the City Centre, but you can decide where to go, where to eat, and where to shop. Just ask us and we will take you there.
We have very discreet and professional guides that can recommend the finest interesting sites according to you preferences. Get to know the best restaurants in town, know where to find the fancy fashion stores, discover which best wine to try, follow the street art circuit... Just tell us your interests.
Do you have a business meeting? Do you need to impress someone? A client? Your boss? Then ask for this tour. Everybody will be delighted with this experience.

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Gourmet Tour                                 Price: 65€  -  03H00

gourmet tour electric bike tour lisbon listimage

Brand new bikes, different models and nice guides. Includes, 2 drinks, 2 pastries and 2 salty specialty. This tour is all about food, more than a tour is a travel to our influences on the gastronomy. We do all the city canter tour just the same. Eating and drinking on the way.

Tour description:
Starting on the appetizer, finishing on the coffee we will show you our typical dishes. Not fusion, not new fancy food, but the Mediterranean and old influences, like Arabic, colonial and conventual. We like new trends too but it make sense to go to the roots first. See the city on a comfortably way and tasty too. Find the best restaurants, panoramic too, taverns and soo much more.

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Beach Surf Tour  (minimum 4 pax)                         Price: 95 €  -  6H00

Beach Surf Tour Lisbon Segway Tours

Brand new bikes, different models and nice guides. Surfing lesson Is extra (20h -01h30).
This tour is a day tour, we start on the shop, direction of the ferry, Cross the Tejo river to caparica beach. We stay there for surfing, lunch and enjoy the beach.

Tour Descriptions:
It is a 6 hour tour, flexible.
Starts in our shop at 09h30, after preparations we go on electric bicycles to the ferry.
We cross the river on the ferry, it takes +/-20 minutes.
Step out the boat and we ride the e-bikes for another 20 minutes and we arrive at the beach.
On the beach we have a surf teacher waiting for us for 01h30 surf lesson.
After the surf lesson they stay at the beach for a couple of hours, just relaxing.
Then we go back the same way. Arriving the shop at +/- 5pm.
Includes: E-bike and helmets; 2 guides for +/- 6 hours; 01h30 surf lesson with teacher;
Surf boards and all the gear; Water; Tickets for the ferry.
They should bring: Sun glasses; Sun Blok / advise +50; Jacket / on the ferry is cold sometimes; Towels; Snickers and flip flaps; Something to eat, or they can by on the beach. There are good places to eat

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Regular Bike Tour                                           Price: 25€  -  02H00

normal bike tour electric bike tour lisbon listimage

If your purpose is to do exercise while exploring the wonders of the city, choose our regular bicycle tours. Lisbon is not just hills and custard tarts! Discover the river side or the cycle paths along flat avenues and beautiful gardens.

Tour description:
In this tour you can choose any part of the city you want to visit! We have easy, medium and hard route options! It just depends how fit you are.
Easy route option: Relax and get to know the wonderful river sights. We ride along the Tagus River, underneath the beautiful 25 of April Bridge in an easy and beautiful tour.
Medium route option: City Centre Tour. Enjoy the shopping area, the most cosmopolitan part of the city and some of the best sightseeing spots. It ́s a medium effort tour through out some of the most beautiful squares and points of interest.
Hard route option: Old Town Tour. It is a journey to the past in a tour through Lisbon’s ancient neighbourhood. See the cultural and architectural influences left by the Romans and the Arabs in a fascinating historical discovery. Get to know the fantastic Old Town, the cradle of Fado traditional music from Portugal.

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Two in One (1H30 Segway & 1H30 E-Bike)                 Price: 75€  -  03H00

Two in one

This is a really fun tour because you can try two different machines and do two tours in one go. Do an e-bike tour and a Segway Tour for the price of one. It can be “toomuchfun”.

Tour description:
Get a complete electric tour experience and discover two different routes on our beautiful Lisbon’s city.
We start from our office with the Segway for an hour and a half tour and then we come back to pick up the electric bicycles. Ride for a full three hour experience, cover two big interest areas and enjoy this double fun dynamic.
Dare your friends or family to try alternative and entertaining moments together.
Be aware: this tour is exciting and adventurous. If you want to relax and do nothing, this is not for you, LOL.

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Combi Tour  (Electric bikes + Segway)                      Price: 45€  -  02H00

combi tour lisbon segway tours descriptions

In this tour, e-bikes and Segways riding together – It’s an “E-mix experience” for you and you group. The idea is to have half group on Segways and other half on electric bikes. Along the way, you all swap several times so you can experience both machines. Great for corporate teams or groups that want to have fun.

Tour description:
This is a super fun tour, on a both Segway & electric bike experience.
It is a two hour tour where we all ride together, in a mixed group of both e-bikes and Segways. You may choose to swap along the way or at half way, enjoying approximately, one hour in each different machine.
For larger groups (15 people or more) we must recommend the river side route for better service and better team spirit ambient.
This is also very recommendable for participants that do not feel comfortable on the Segway, but want to go along and have a good time on an e-bike.

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