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 If you are looking for “Lisbon Segway Tours” as a company that started 15 years ago, it’s us.





Super Tour | 3 Hours | 75,00€

As the name says, it’s SUPER. Do you want to see it all? Do you have time for a 3 hour tour? Then do it. It is Alfama Tour + City Center Tour. A great overview of the city. Frequent travellers often choose this tour for the best input interest information. Once you ride with us, you get inside the Portuguese culture, the dynamic of the city and the useful tips that only the local guides can provide.

Duration: 3 Hours

Minimum participants:

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VIP Tour                                 03H00 - 95€

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This tour is “à la carte”, book it at any time of the day, flexible on the schedules and routes, we will provide the finest options for your desires. On the spot you can make any changes such as change machines, like a e-bike or tricycle. We will also guarantee the most experience guide.

 Alfama Tour                        02H00 - 55€

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It is a journey to the past in a tour through Lisbon’s ancient neighbourhood. See the cultural and architectural influences left by the Romans and the Arabs in a fascinating historical discovery. Get to know the fantastic Old Town, the cradle of Fado traditional music from Portugal.


River Side Tour                       02H00 - 55€

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Great atmosphere along the river side, get to know some of the most important monuments regarding the Portuguese ocean expeditions. Try the custard tarts , and have a great cycling experience. ------------------------------


E-Bike Of Road Tour NEW    04H00 - 85€

Novo Projeto 2

Looking for a different tour? out of the city? 24 km of pure cycling on gravel, with all elements of nature, specially birds, agriculture and wines are also important here. So we can do a wine tasting of unic great wines.



Team Building Corporate Events SEGWAY AND EBIKE LISBON TOURS

Team Building and Corporate Events                                                  Contact us: (+351) 913 008 027

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Combine electric bikes and Segway

It’s a combined electric bike and Segway experience for your company members or your group of friends from work.


“Only original Segways and all machines have daily maintnance” 

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