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Who we are

We are one of the oldest and more experienced companies operating in Lisbon.

We provide Super Fun Segway Guided Tours and e-bike Tours.

See the beautiful City of Lisbon in a different and funny transport.

Segways are not just funny, they are a very powerful transport , very useful, in the narrow streets of the old Lisbon, “Alfama”.

The e-bikes also make it very easy to ride on the 7 hills.

Take beautiful pictures and have fun with our professional team.

Trust only in who can train you properly.

Day and night Tours, Alfama, City Centre, Belém and Lisbon by Night. 

Our mission 

Our mission is to make you have fun!

The reviews about our company are very consensual about the great experience people had in Lisbon.

Safety is our priority while you’re having a good time.

It is important to trust in who have the experience to train you properly as well as the intuition to adjust the tour to your interests and personal dynamic.

Our guides are the same for many years, and their way of living is to provide the best for you. Their accumulated experience over the city, the routes and the machines maintenance it’s the result of their passion for the job!

We also know how to deal families travelling with children. We want to make them happy too. That’s why most of our bicycle tours are baby and child friendly. Book a tour for them and see the smile on their faces.

We make this experience the highlight of your trip.

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