Lisbon 7 Hills Bike Tour



Starting in Rua da Boavista, 168, customize your bike and let’s go. Direction to Alfama and the narrow streets of this old district. We can see the Arabic and Romanic influence all over, amazing pictures you can do here. We see the St. George Castle, the Cathedral, St. Vincent´s and some great landscapes’. This is only the first part of the tour. Know we head to the down town area, to see the shopping area, restaurants (break to heat and drink), after see some important monuments, it´s time to pedal a little more. We still can see 2 more hills and the view is impressive. This is just a little taste, we cannot reveal all the secrets…
The best cycling in Lisbon is this, for experiment riders, challenging cycling in Lisbon, lots of hills, and down hill too. The best Lisbon by Bike you can find. Only knowledgeable guides and local can provide you this experience. And by the way with good humor too.


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